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Deep Right Rising

A review by Alexander Wolfheze of the new book ‘The New Prometheans’ by John Bruce Leonard.

How to Handle the Hostile Media

The hostile media are completely unsuitable to raise one’s profile, as the case of Richard Spencer shows.

How to fight the Establishment

At the moment we can only engage in metapolitics and the exposure of the lack of credibiilty and legitimacy of our rulers.

Don’t focus on Islam!

Islam is not the real problem. The issue is extremist multiculturalism and their proponents.

Israel as a Light unto the Nations

The story of the Jewish people should be an example for all oppressed nationalists.

Operation Belisarius

A review of Greg Johnson’s ‘The White Nationalist Manifesto’ from the perspective of Archeo-Futurism.

The Broken Arrow

Poetic and philosphical reflections on the importance of borders and faithful guards and guardians.

Identitarian Iconoclasm

Poetic and philosphical reflections on the identitarian movement from an archeo-futuristic point of view.

An Afrikaner interviews an IDNL partner

Robbert Veldman of the ‘Afrikaner Volkspartij’ interviewed Erwin Versteeg.

The first IDNL Video!

The first IDNL video gives a visual impression of the situation we are facing.