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Author: Alexander Wolfheze

A New Party for the New Netherlands

IDNL announces a new political party and an invitation to all true nationalists worldwide.

IDNL Members and Allies

IDNL, English ‘Identity Netherlands’, provides organizational coordination and educational facilities for the Dutch patriotic-identitarian movement in its widest sense. Inspired by the European New Right movement and committed to the ethno-nationalist cause, IDNL aims at coordinating and supporting the growing Dutch anti-globalist and anti-liberal movement at the grass-roots level. IDNL also has a broad view…
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IDNL International

The Netherlands and Our Fellow Nations Once upon a time, not to long ago, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was a world empire. In the youth years of those who are now old, our nation was the world’s third colonial power in terms of land surface and population numbers. From this great empire now only…
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Deep Right Rising

A review by Alexander Wolfheze of the new book ‘The New Prometheans’ by John Bruce Leonard.

Operation Belisarius

A review of Greg Johnson’s ‘The White Nationalist Manifesto’ from the perspective of Archeo-Futurism.

The Broken Arrow

Poetic and philosphical reflections on the importance of borders and faithful guards and guardians.

Identitarian Iconoclasm

Poetic and philosphical reflections on the identitarian movement from an archeo-futuristic point of view.