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Category: Short Commentary

A New Party for the New Netherlands

IDNL announces a new political party and an invitation to all true nationalists worldwide.

IDNL International

The Netherlands and Our Fellow Nations Once upon a time, not to long ago, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was a world empire. In the youth years of those who are now old, our nation was the world’s third colonial power in terms of land surface and population numbers. From this great empire now only…
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How to Handle the Hostile Media

The hostile media are completely unsuitable to raise one’s profile, as the case of Richard Spencer shows.

How to fight the Establishment

At the moment we can only engage in metapolitics and the exposure of the lack of credibiilty and legitimacy of our rulers.

Don’t focus on Islam!

Islam is not the real problem. The issue is extremist multiculturalism and their proponents.

What, Dutch nationalism?

What is real nationalism as opposed to civic or fake nationalism? And how would a Dutch nationalism look like?