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My name is Géza Hegedüs. I am the party leader of IDNL (‘Identitair Nederland’, or ‘Identitarian Netherlands’). Our political party is an initiative of the cultural organisation with the same name. Our goal is to disseminate identitarian ideas and make them politically relevant.

For questions or interviews please contact me at my cell phone ( +31 6 44272469 ) or by Email( geza.hegedus@idnl.org ). Please follow me on twitter or on facebook

Concerning my role in the public square you may consult this article (in Dutch).

For general questions and remarks you may contact us at info@idnl.org


The goal of IDNL (Identity Netherlands) is to disseminate identitarian ideas in the Netherlands. We have founded a political party and organize meetings and lectures for politically engaged people. For more information, please contact us here.