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Jared Taylor Interviews Géza Hegedüs

Jared Taylor Interviews Géza Hegedüs

Recently, Mr Géza Hegedüs, IDNL’s political leader, was interviewed by Mr Jared Taylor, long-serving foreman of the news website and think tank ‘American Renaissance’. Since 1990, ‘American Renaissance’ has been courageously advocating the much-neglected rights of white people in the United States by breaking the politically correct taboo on racial difference and emphasizing the need for race realism to achieve a more peaceful and harmonious society. Much maligned in the mainstream media, deplatformed from several major social media outlets and subject to a Schengen travel ban since 2019, Mr Taylor has gained the respect of friend and enemy by his decades-long unstinting dedication to speaking truth to power – his well-reasoned arguments, his consisted willingness to engage in open debate and his gentlemanly poise in the face of formidable and often outrageous opposition. As the strain of mass immigration and ethnic replacement is starting to impact Western Europe, Mr Taylor’s expertise on matters of race relations has become increasingly relevant to the European situation, hence his considerable influence on the European Alt-Right and New Right.

During his 2017 tour of European speaking engagements, Mr Taylor met several high-ranking European politicians: in the Netherlands he met with Thierry Baudet, the leader of the new FVD (‘Forum for Democracy’) party, a party that at the time carried the hopes of many Dutch patriots and nationalists. That meeting took place in secret, but was subsequently ‘framed’ in the Dutch mainstream media as ‘proof’ of Thierry Baudet’s alleged ‘racism’. Perhaps the difference between FVD and IDNL is best illustrated by this example of FVD ‘plausible deniability’ and ‘mixed signaling’ strategy. Thierry Baudet meets with Jared Taylor, a race-realist thinker, in secret and sends out mixed messages to project a ‘patriotic’ and ‘revolutionary’ image, but FVD remains a classically liberal civic-nationalist party that prioritizes paper citizenship over birth ethnicity. Géza Hegedüs, on the other hand, here publishes his open conversation with Jared Taylor so that others can hear and learn what needs to be heard and learned.

IDNL is a committed to the cause of ethno-nationalist self-determination and views the race-realist analyses of Jared Taylor as an important building block for a new, post-liberal and post-multicultural Europe.

Topics dealt with in this interview include:

* ethnic replacement and overpopulation in the Netherlands;

* ‘white privilege’ and ‘white supremacy’ propaganda to undermine European identity and promote anti-white policies;

* the artificial import of American mainstream media propaganda tropes, including ‘Black Lives Matter’ into the Dutch debate.

You can listen to the interview here


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