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Don’t focus on Islam!

Don’t focus on Islam!

Mosques are being built everywhere in  the Netherlands.  These mosques are often quite imposing and dominate their environment. In some places the Islamic call to prayer can even be heard thundering through some Dutch streets, which makes the Dutch population feel uncomfortable.  They experience the mosques as symbols of occupation, a triumph of foreign colonialism. It doesn’t help that Islam has the image of being a barbaric religion. The prophet Mohammed was a cruel warlord, and Islam was spread through bloody conquest. Many regard the treatment of women and homosexuals in Islam as despicable. Would it therefore not be a logical step to protest against the building of mosques? Or against the cruel ritual slaughter of animals? Or against Islam in general?

This would be objectionable to us because of our loyalty to our Western Christian-humanist tradition, which has established a right to freedom of religion. If Muslims want to express their religious sentiments, we cannot deny them this right without going against the grain of our western civilization. Therefore, we feel that proposals for a ban on the Quran are unjust. Even a ban on the headscarf would not be just according to our tradition, even if we regard it as mainly a symbol of the repression of women.

A second objection would be that because many of us have had positive experiences in our interactions with Muslims, and therefore a general condemnation would be incomprehensible and difficult to stomach. To this should be added that Islam also has beautiful and even refined aspects, for example in literature and architecture. All this makes a crass anti-Islam sentiment, though understandable, rather objectionable.

The beautiful Taj Mahal

Anti-Islam sentiment is also a political handicap, because it ignores the heart of the problem and the people who bear the main responsibility. For ‘Islamification’ is just the most visible symptom of the real disease: the ideology of extreme multiculturalism. Multiculturalism may function on a small scale: if there is a super majority of original inhabitants and a few small groups of foreigners. It might even be somewhat enriching.

However, the problem with multiculturalism is that it is not scalable! The person who developed the notion that it would be a good idea to ‘unite’  big groups with colossal differences into one State should be admitted to a lunatic asylum. If history has one lesson to teach us, it is that such a project is a recipe for disaster. The characteristics of the religions or cultures concerned are immaterial, such a situation will inevitably lead to grave conflicts.

The ethnic situaion in Bosnia just before the civil war

Extremist multiculturalism is the heart of the problem. The people who have caused the problem are those who have followed this extremist ideology and allowed or even stimulated the present situation to develop. These people are not the Muslims or other immigrants. These people are the ‘hostile elite’. Either not caring for their people or ideologically blinded, journalists and politicians have let multiculturalism grow from a quaint phenomenon to a catastrophic problem. Even now, when the demographic changes have become alarmingly visible, they still continue to spew propaganda about ‘open borders’, much less try to motivate foreigners to return to their own nations. Instead of protesting near a mosque, it would be far more justified and effective to protest at a newspaper, party headquarters, town hall, company or NGO. These are the people who bear full responsibility for the situation, and moreover, have to power to change it.

The return of immigrants to their own country should be stimulated with financial and social incentives. But it is also importan to initiate a dialogue to convince the foreigners of the reasonableness of our desire for less multiculturalism. The chances for the succes of such a conversation will be quite diminished if at the same time we denigrate their culture and religion. This is just another reason to say: Don’t focus on Islam!


The goal of IDNL (Identity Netherlands) is to disseminate identitarian ideas in the Netherlands. We have founded a political party and organize meetings and lectures for politically engaged people. For more information, please contact us here.

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