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How to fight the Establishment

How to fight the Establishment

Who are the actors behind major political changes? According to leftist propaganda it is ‘the people’. For example, the Russian revolution is painted as a revolt of the masses, when in reality it was a coup d’├ętat. Closer investigation reveals that the role of the masses in political change is always limited. In the case of the fascist and national socialist movements it was not mass support but the cooperation of certain conservative forces within the Establishment that were crucial to their victory. If this support from within the power structure was absent, such as in France, the fascist movement failed. The same applies to the ‘revolution’ of 1968: without the support of the leftist forces that had subverted the Establishment many years before already, the movement would simply have been crushed by the power structure. However, the press, Academia, and many political parties had been gradually infiltrated in the preceding years.

What does this mean for the nationalist movement? At present there are no conservative forces in the Establishment that are favourable to us. Dissident parties, such as the PVV and FvD in the Netherlands, have not succeeded in becoming part of the power structure. They only have some seats in parliament. The blockade by the other parties (with the dehumanizing name ‘cordon sanitaire’, i.e. ‘quarantine’) keeps them away from any real political power. There are no mayors, judges or top managers with an affiliation to one of the dissident parties. Because of the lack of any support from Establishment powers, there is no possibility for a major political change, even though the dissident parties have garnered quite a lot of support from the people.

Any major political change is preceded by the following stages:

1. meta-politics (influencing general culture)
2. growth of a popular movement
3. cooperation with certain forces in the power structure

At present, the nationalist movement is still in the first stage, though there are some signs of the second stage. This means that our main task is to keep propagating an alternative vision to the present cultural and political situation, and organise groups that may grow into a larger movement. We can’t expect any help from within the Establishment. What we can do is reduce the influence of the present ‘hostile elite’ by subverting the basis of their power.

Dissident and Establishment Power Structure

The power of the Establishment rests on three pillars:

1. Physical violence
2. Credibility
3. Legitimacy

Physical violence refers to the police and the army. This pillar may seem robust, but if this is the main basis of its power, the ‘hostile elite’ are bound to fail in the longer run. Credibility concerns the perception of the Establishment as competent and reliable. Legitimacy concerns the justification of the exercising of power by the ‘hostile elite’. In the past the king was said to rule ‘by the grace of God’. The Establishment of today maintain that they received their right to rule from the people, through democratic elections.

Reduction of the power of the hostile elite through physical violence is for us impossible and reprehensible. Police and army are infinitely superior in power and moreover, the destruction of the social order would result in innumerable innocent victims. Even resisting the Establishment terrorists of the Antifa is often unwise, because the other elements of the power structure, such as the media and the judiciary, will protect them and blame nationalists for any violence. The events in Charlottesville in 2017 are a grave warning in this respect. The other two pillars offer more possibilities.

The credibility of the Establishment is suffering severely from its colossal mistakes and malicious attitude. The legitimacy of its rule is constantly subverted by the many lobbying groups that determine policy decisions in shady dealings, by the blatant self enrichment of most politicians and top managers, and by the many decisions forced on our people by international organisations like the EU without any national democratic control. The most obvious example of a total lack of legitimacy is the way the hostile elite have treated the outcome of referendums they did not like.

The task for nationalists is to constantly draw the attention of the public to the crimes, errors and sheer callousness of the Establishment. No part of the power structure should be free from criticism, whether it is politicians, scholars, judges, the police or the press (‘Fake News!’). Great examples for us are the weblog ‘Geenstijl’ and president Trump.

President Trump subverting the power of the Establishment media

We cannot expect that the people will then suddenly rise up and force the Establishment to make the necessary changes. Without some support from within the power structure such changes are not possible. What we can do is to get the people to ignore the Establishment as much as possible, to ridicule its pretensions of credibility and legitimacy, and to become indifferent about its fate. This is a perfect preparation for the situation when a power struggle ensues within the Establishment, like to one in the US at the moment. Then, through our preparations, major changes will become possible.


The goal of IDNL (Identity Netherlands) is to disseminate identitarian ideas in the Netherlands. We have founded a political party and organize meetings and lectures for politically engaged people. For more information, please contact us here.

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